Seiwa Mart Grand Opening


Seiwa Mart Grand Opening

Seiwa Mart is a Japanese Market with locations in LA that recently opened a new location here in Houston. They offer high quality imported Japanese food items, condiments, and freshly made food. Finding specifically Japanese goods here in Houston can be a bit tough at times so having a market that specializes in Japanese goods is a godsend.

I brought my friend Maddy along for the trip. She just recently came back from Japan so she was a good guide to have while browsing all of the goodies.

The prices here were very cheap. Granted it was the grand opening and there were a lot of sale items but you could tell that the wide range of selection and the volume was going to get you much better prices than anywhere else.

It was very crowded in the store. You literally had to shuffle to walk around. Yes that is a giant Pocky display and all kinds of Pocky on display. Yes we bought some. :D

So much sugar....but it looks so good. You know this trip made it really hard to think healthy thoughts while going down this aisle.

Now look girls. If you want to get your supply of Japanese Cosmetics this is the place to go. Everything you ever wanted in one place.

Rows and rows of bottled drinks.

I'll be honest. I would love to have one of these Japanese Pressure Cookers. Not only are they ideal for rice but you can make all sorts of one pot meals in them. In Japan many people use these cookers as their primary cooking device.

The only bad part is that they are fairly expensive. Which I guess is to e expected. These are considered high end appliances.

Hello Kitty, Japanese Gum, Whistle Candy. They have it all.

Obviously this is the most important aisle in the store.

Maddy found her sake. No we didn't buy it. lol

Frozen desert anyone?

Freshly made goodies. Boxed sets, Onigiri, and so forth.

And of course, instant soba bowels.

This was the haul. Those seaweed chips aren't half bad. I could easily eat them instead of potato chips.

Overall it was a fun little trip. If it was closer I would go more often. If I am ever on that side of town again I'll be sure to make a small detour to pick up more goodies.