Saturday Night Cosplay #6


Saturday Night Cosplay #6

This is a bit late but here are the pictures of the last Saturday Night Cosplay. I had my new camera this time around but my SD card screwed up and it wouldn't work. So most of these pictures are from my phone. Thankfully Lightoom fixes everything. Or at least it makes everything better. Anyways, on with the show!

This girl made a good Laura Croft.

There's a really funny joke in this picture somewhere. I just know there is.

Trigger discipline! ;)

Will somebody PLEASE think of the Pokemon!

Pikachu! Pokemon Go has really influenced the cosplay community. I haven't seen Pokemon this popular in ages.

Overwatch. I really should get that game. I just don't have time to commit to it.

Team Rocket! These are the winners this time around. Very good cosplay group.

Next time I should have my camera to take really good pictures of the event. I will also be providing a prize for the Cards Against Humanity winner this time around. It's going to e a print of The Twins. Good luck to all those who will be attending!