Saturday Night Cosplay #5


Saturday Night Cosplay #5

Despite some camera issues which I will talk about below Saturday Night Cosplay was again a blast. I like going to these events. If anything it keeps the Houston Cosplay community as a really tight knit group.

If you are unfamiliar with the Saturday Night Cosplay event at Gameguys Warehouse you can read up on it here.

Now about my camera.

Apparently it broke. As you can see below the LCD screen cracked. The glass over it isn't cracked, just the screen below it. I am not sure how or when it happened. It was just fine last weekend when I went to Herman Park for a Pokemon event.

At any rate this really made taking pictures for this event a bit of a challenge. Many images were off-center and had to be corrected in Lightroom. I mixed in images from my phone to this image set so the quality isn't the best on a lot of the pictures. Still there are a few gems in here and I hope to buy a new camera body in the next week or two.

One again, Cards Again Humanity is a big hit. I will probably buy a few booster packs for the next Night Out. We had quite a few repeats.

The judges are ready.

Uncle will solve all  your problems!


Regina is out for vengeance.

Finish Him!

We convinced Ash to join the winning Team. Team Mystic!

The whole room was singing the Pokemon Theme Song. I swear Pokemon as taken over the world.

It's The Doctor!

Kill the Zombie!

Harley Quinn was the winner! Congratulation!

Group Shot.

I hope to have my new camera in a few weeks before the next meetup. If my luck is good it will be a pretty decent upgrade as well. Until next time!