Saturday Night Cosplay #4


Saturday Night Cosplay #4

I have been far too lazy for the last few months. I am finally getting around to post pictures of events that I went to over a month ago. I know I know! I promise to try and do better.

This is the second time I went to Game Guys warehouse. I missed the 3rd meetup for this event due to the weather. This is the 4th cosplay event that I went to back in June.

If you want to know more about Gameguys you can read up about them when I went there the first time.

We started the night playing everyone's favorite game. Cards against Humanity. :D

I loaned my glasses to help with this one who couldn't find theirs!

People just kept adding onto our table.

Let the games, err, cosplay begin.

This gal did a whole belly dance routine. Now that takes dedication!


Look at that hair, I don't know how it stayed on all night.

I love these close in shots. It's hard sometimes to get them when people are doing heir skit presentations.

It must be pretty awesome to get so drunk for the sake of your cosplay that you end up having a conversation with a potato. ;)

And here are your winners!