Photoblog -Froberg's Farm Nov 2014


Photoblog -Froberg's Farm Nov 2014

Earlier in the week I went back to Froberg's Farm to pick up some pecans for a few deserts. We found it to be a lot cheaper to pick these up at the farm versus the grocery store due to the volume that we wanted to purchase. We ended up getting  5 lb sack of cracked whole pecans for around $27, of which we got about 4 lbs of pecans which averaged out to about $6.75 a lb. At the grocery store you can get a 8 oz package for about $5.50 (maybe $4-$4.50 if they are on sale). The only downside was that the pecans were imported from Georgia (not Texas!) but I've been hearing that Texas has been having a bad crop lately due to the past seasons.

Regardless, the pecans were plump and fresh. You really couldn't ask for anything better. Froberg's Farm is in Alvin, Texas and they have a variety of activities for schools and families from hay rides, to corn mazes, and of course their Strawberry Patch (when they are in season of course). This was more of a casual shopping excursion for us this time around. 

Tis the season to grow your belly.......

You cannot beat that price for pecans. The guy was in the back around the corner cracking them.

This guy is working the machine that was cracking the pecans.

That is one big pumpkin.

Last time I was here I didn't pick one of these up. This time I got an apple pie and it was heavenly. 

$12 for a pecan pie is cheap. Too bad we make our own at the house.

I guess they mae candy for halloween as well. I bet it's a million times better than store bought.

Look at that fresh produce. I wish we could come here so often but it is at least a 40 minute drive out here with no traffic. 

If your Thanksgiving is anything like my family then your desert menu is larger than your main course menu. 

As we were shopping a guy at the meat shop next door was passing out slices of Texas Oranges and homemade sausage. Suffice to say we bought the oranges and went and got some sausage. *shakes fist*