Marvel MCU Predictions


Marvel MCU Predictions

I am fast becoming a huge fan of Marvel Studios and their Marvel Cinematic Universe. I honestly can't think of any time that we have seen a franchise attempt this huge crossover between TV, Movies, and Comic at the scale that Marvel is doing. Star Trek attempted this to some extent back when DS9 was running. You would see small glimpses of he show mentioned in TNG movies. But they were nothing more than name dropping and it never really materialized into anything beyond that. I really was a wasted opportunity. This is only one of the reasons why I appreciate what Marvel is doing. 

But overall I am just a fan of the MCU, and as a fan I often speculate on what will happen next. So here are a few predictions that I have on the near future of the MCU. I believe we will see most of this in 2015. 

Towards the end of season 2 of Agents of Shield the battle against Hydra will begin to take a turn for the worst. Culson will come to realize that he is outgunned, out funded, and out manned by Hydra. Hydra attacks will begin to exponentially increase and Shield won't be able to stop them. Coulsen will end the season saying something along the lines of "We need help, it's time we got ourselves some friends". This of course will feed right into Avengers: Age of Ultron.

With Hydra attacks getting out of control Tony Stark see's an opportunity to make the world a safer place and live up to his father's legacy. After the events of Ironman 3 Stark begins looking at using  humanoid Ironman Drone suites to be used against threats like Hydra and the Chitauri. He builds the drones using alien technology that he managed to secure after he fall of Shield. Somehow the AI that was controlling this army of drones becomes corrupted (Hydra maybe?) and it tries take over the world. The Avengers aren't too happy with Stark and his Ultron drones. Thos is upset because he used technology that humanity isn't ready for, Banner is upset because Stark used the Hulk as the baseline for the drone's combat ability (Hulkbuster), and Captain America thinks he's gone overboard. 

In the end Ultron is defeated but the Avengers are split up as a result. At the end credit scene Stark tells Nick Fury that he was only trying to help. Nick tells Stark he can still help, but he will have to follow Shield rules and Shield's Director.

Stark would reply, "What would you have me do?"

"Not me, him", Nick points off to the side.

Phil Culson walks out of the shadows, "Mr. Stark, I believe we have a few guidelines that we need to go over".

During season 3 of Agents of Shield we find Shield in a much better position. With the backing of Stark Industries, Shield is beginning to fight back against Hydra. Using Stark technology and corporate funding Shield is no longer the underdog. I wouldn't be surprised to see Maria Hill join the team as the chief liaison between Stark Industries and Shield. 

During one episode Shield encounters a Ultron drone that somehow managed to escape the battle with the Avengers. This episode we will have a special guest appearance by none other than Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) himself. This will of course make Fitz extremely jealous at how Tony impresses everyone with his technical ability while Fitz struggles with just talking. Also bet on a Fitz, Simmons, and Stark love triangle. In the end though Fitz will figure out a way to finally contain Ultron and Stark will acknowledge Fitz's ability. 

Before Stark leaves he would leave Fitz with either some medical device or some experimental drug that would help Fitz in his recovery process and would promise to help find a cure for his disability if Fitz promises to keep trying to get together with Simmons. 

So what are the chances of any of this being true?

Probability none of it. lol

But hey it's fun to speculate anyways!