Houston Japan Festival 2016 - Day 1


Houston Japan Festival 2016 - Day 1

Has it been a year already? Geeze louise how time flies! I've been so bad at updating my website. I used to post new content ever 3-4 days and now I struggle to do once a month. I promise I'll try to do better.

With that said, it's Japan Fest 2016! Yay! Is it bad that I have been gong to this festival for so long that I can recognize the event organizers, vendors, and even the ladies who do the Tea Ceremony? Anyways, here are the pictures from Day 1.

I should us this image as a desktop background or something.

It was really overcast and gloomy today. Thankfully it didn't rain, just a few drizzles. Although it did get close towards the end of the festival.

I love artwork like this but I also like to frame it up and keep it organized instead of plastering it all over my wall. How do you like to display your artwork?

My friend Tanya here, these came out well imo.


Go Go Power Rangers!

This is Chii Sakurabai, a J-Pop singer from Japan. Very cute, and a good voice.

I had a bonsai once, I killed it.

Sorry I had the wrong lens on the camera for this picture Maddy. I only got you. Heh.

Don't ask, just don't.

I bought a Red Maple just recently. This is a good planting idea.

Tea Ceremony, I goto this every year.

From what I know there are no nails holding this up. It's just cut joints and grooves.

The wafer like cookie is new this year. Anyone know what it's called and what's in it?

Mmmmm, tea....*drool*

Ryukyukoku Matsutaiko is about to start. I love how they walk up the reflecting pool up to the stage in this long marching procession.

I've been watching Fairy Tail recently. I'm 200 episodes in ATM. My only question is...where is Grey and Ezra?

Here, look I took a picture (he asked if people would post if they took his picture).

J-Fashion Show. It was a lot bigger this year. I like how they explained about the fashion in a bit more detail talking about the variances and the history. It really helps when thinking back to the AM Fashion Show.

I am surprised at how well these Fashion Show pictures came out. The sky was getting really dark right about now looking like it was going to rain and the images came out dark as well. Thank goodness for Lightroom to help me fix them.

Drums! Kaminari Taiko is a really awesome group.

"I am going to beat the hell out of this drum!"