Froberg's Farm


Froberg's Farm

I had made a previous post about Froberg's Farm but I lost it all when I accidentally formatted my drive. Thankfully all of the images were saved so I can remake the post about this place. There are a lot of little places like this in Alvin and I plan on going back here soon to see if they have any pecans on sale. 

These pictures are from my visit back in February when their Strawberry Patch was in season. 

I admit, I noticed the Blue Bell Ice Cream sign in the window first. ^.^

This is one of the first things as you walk in, big sacks of pecans.

Lots of other nuts too :D

Mmmmmm....pie *drool*

I would love to shop at this place if it wasn't so far away from my house. This produce is just beautiful.

It must be my Hispanic Heritage but whenever I see tomatoes next to jalapenos I think, "Salsa".

Anyone have any butter?

Look at all of those pickles. I've never been a fan of pickles personally but maybe it's because I've only had the cheap store bought ones. Maybe I'll find some that I like someday.

I've heard of Jalapeno Jelly before, never seen it on the shelf until now.

When I was last there it was around Valentines day so they had a lot of these Chocolate Strawberries on tables for people to buy.

If you don't want to go outside and pick the Strawberries yourself you can always pick up a pack just like this. But what is the point of going out to a Strawberry Farm if you don't go and pick you some Strawberries? 

So you pay for your bucket first, then you go out to the patch and pick want you want. I now to some people $2.25 a lb is expensive but these are fresh berries, you can pick the largest ones that you want, and you get no of the bad berries that you sometimes get in store bought packs. 

Leave Fido at home. 

They also had some small seedlings for people to purchase. Compared to the home center these prices are a steal.

This is my bucket before the patch, it looks a bit empty.

Fishing for Red Juicy Treasure!

I spy with my little eye

Ever wonder where Strawberries come from? Now you know. They go from this little white flower.

To this juicy piece of heaven.

These babies aren't ready yet. Maybe in a few more weeks.

I'm wondering if I have enough strawberries yet.

Now I do, you can see my hand for comparison, these berries are huge.

Back to the store.

Totally want the water bottle.

Now at this point my hands are holding a big large bucket of Strawberries. So the thought of getting anything else is far from my mind.

Never really had grits before. I've always been a Hash Brown kind of person.

Was tempted to pick these old vegetables. They were really cheap, I think $1 a bucket.


The farm that makes this honey is right down the road from Frogers. The guy who runs it has a little display case off to the side with his honey in it where you can purchase it in every size from 16oz to a full gallon. What is even better is that he sells the honey via the honor system. There is a little tin can inside where you pay what you want and drive off. He had a half gallon on sale for $18 and we paid $20 for it. It was really a great deal.

I picked up a bag of roasted peanuts at the checkout, I couldn't resist.

I am not sure exactly what this is, but it is awesome.

This is smart, after running around he fields picking berries you are bound to be hungry. They got me good with this sign. Off I go.

My what big buns you have....

This place looks almost identical to the Choice Meat Market around the corner from my house. I'll have to do another article about them later on.

This little place was closed for the season. I'm not sure if they were open during the summer months or not.

My lunch, Sausage-on-a-Stick. Yum.

My peanuts, they tasted as good as they looked.

You are next!

I plan on going back here in a few weeks and I'll be sure to post an update here when I do.