Coach & Player Magazine Theme


Coach & Player Magazine Theme

This layout isn't so much something I would make for a full production website but is more like a proof of concept. I knew some people at Coach & Player Magazine and they were looking at a redesign of their website so in my spare time I whipped this together to think of ideas for their website. My overall theme was to make it look clean and modern while maintaining functionality on a wide variety of platforms. 

Keep in mind, this isn't a complete design, just the front page. It is also missing a lot of elements which is fine for a proof of concept. If they every get back with me and want something done I can always go back to this and show them what I thought up of. 

One of the things that I would look into would be removing as much white-space from the website as I can. I would have the layout add additional columns to the right with things scores, highlights, and editor picks. Consuming as much whites-space on a screen is going to be something that I intend to practice more with down the line.

Did I learn anything new with this design?

Well I learned a few things with dealing with custom views .tpl files. Mostly it was just me thinking it was more complicated than it really was. Other than that the design worked fairly well for a over-glorified mock-up. Maybe someday somebody would want something similar done in the future and I can finish off the design completely. 

You can click here to see the full demo site.