Anime-No-Kon 2016


Anime-No-Kon 2016

This was a kinda last minute event that popped up on my schedule that I decided to goto yesterday. I believe this was their first year running this little convention. It was hosted at the UH Main Campus University Center.

Will I come to this con next year if it goes on? Maybe. It depends on my schedule. I would like for it to continue on and it would be great if it remained free. Although that may have to change if it gets too big. I will have a few suggestions at the bottom on how it could be better for next year.


And so it begins.....

Cosplay Chess, always a fun event to watch.

Two guys walked into the room and the people were like "you two stand here".

"Oh great!", says the pawn when facing a knight.

There were a few vendors, not too many. Only about a half dozen. That's fine considering it was a new con.

Stretching before the Jo Jo Pose contest. No that is not Kylo Ren, although I do hear that he is ripped.

Some of these poses are not designed with human anatomy in mind.

They should have played Madonnas Vogue in the background while they did this.

There were a few game consoles on a table off to the side. I haven't played a console system in years. I am considering getting a Wii U for he exclusive titles. I don't care for XBox or Playstation as I already have an Alienware Alpha PC for my high end gaming.

Who is ready to dance!?

Move with the music!

A great hush in the room as Princess Zelda arrives. God this cosplay looks awesome. It took her months to complete.

Cosplay contest judges are ready.

Help us Obi-Wan you're our only hope!

Tango down! Poor soldier got all blown to pieces.

I'm telling you, all you need is a Swiffer brush on the bottom.

You really have to admire the work in this costume.

Cowabunga Dudes!

At this point my last camera battery died. I was bad and didn't check them before I came. So these pictures are from my phone.

And thus the con winds down.

Now considering this is a new con I see that a few suggestions could go a long way to making it better. So here are a few things that I think could make it better.

  • When doing the cosplay contest have the contestants stand on the stage and have the judges be out in the audience area. This is for the benefit of the cosplayers, the audience, and anyone who is taking pictures. Posting and skits are all part of cosplay and having the contestants facing away from the crowds kinda defeats the purpose.

  • An event that was very popular at AM that is also easy to do is a Live Pokemon Battle. You have teams of 2 paired up, one person is the trainer, the other person is the Pokemon. The Trainer yells orders to the Pokemon and there is a "battle". The audience determines the winner. Look into it.

  • I know the biggest issue was finding enough players for the Cosplay Chess but hopefully that will alleviate itself next year on it's own. What I would suggest is having the Gamemasters off on the side with an actual chess set in order to speed up the game a bit and make it easier to play. Labeling the rows and columns would be a great help as well.

  • Make sure the address on the FB page goes to the right location. Some people ended up at Rice for some unknown reason. A website could help and you can get a free wordpress site setup for nothing. You also can get a domain attached for about $20 a year. It can make a huge difference in event organizing and attendee information.

Those are the main suggestions I have for next year. I hope this con will continue to grow as it would be a nice addition to the Houston Anime and Cosplay community.