Anime Matsuri X - Day 3


Anime Matsuri X - Day 3

It's Day 3 of Anime Matsuri. I admit that Day 3 of AM is always a kind of a black hole to me. Nothing really happens other than walking around the dealers room. Last year there was the Pokemon Live Battle but this year that overlapped with one of the main stage events so I missed it this year. I do wish that there was more programming on Sunday. Maybe that is something that could be done for next year.

Power Rangers jamming with guitars on the convention floor. Don't ask, just go with it.

Food truck galore. Look at all those calories!

That is a spot on Ichigo.

Goldy and his armor. They should have played the Goldberg intro that they played at the cosplay contest.

The Street Fighter V Beat a Pro event raised money for Texas Children's. Overall a total of $2000 was raised. I would have tried to play but all I can do is mash buttons at random with fighting games. Maybe next year.

Uffh, so good.

Final photo's of AM 2016...

Actually I lied. I forgot these photo's were on my phone. We went to the Maid Cafe this year. It wasn't too bad. Considering I was starving the Melon Bread tasted like heaven. I also got a nice little sketch of my OC that I will put up later.

So long folks,, until next year.