Anime Matsuri X - Day 2


Anime Matsuri X - Day 2

Day 2 of Anime Matsuri X was a pretty big day for cosplayers. It was time for the cosplay contest. For some reason I didn't take as many cosplay pictures this yeas as previous years. I think it was because I was spending more time walking around and enjoying myself rather than just taking pictures every 5 seconds.

OTOH I did spend a lot of time in line getting my t-shirt signed by Morning Musume. So I guess that was a plus. Also Saturday was the day of the Morning Musume concert. I'll have a little rant about that about near the bottom.

So they were telling us while we were in line that we couldn't take pictures. So I just used my zoom lens afterwords and took pictures from across the barrier. Try to stop that!

If that cosplay on Stella Chuu looks familiar it's because it is Master Yi from League of Legends. It was featured on Man At Arms.

Goldy! Goldy! Goldy!

Sit Boy!

I love Overwatch. Common Blizzard, give me a beta key!

This cosplay was just so stunning. The amount of work needed to create this thing is just staggering. And the detail!

Here are the winners! Congrats.

And here are the judges. Very nice.

Look Tania, your scythe doesn't juggle anymore! :p

Morning Musume! Look at them! So very kawaii.

This was the ONLY picture that I took during the performance. And this is where my rant comes in. I saw many people during the concert recording the entire thing on their cellphones and to me that is almost an insult to the group. Here is an idol group that flew all the way from Japan for their first concert together for the year and instead of watching the live performers who are less than 10ft in front of you you are staring at your cellphone screen. I mean really?

That just gets on my nerves. These girls were dancing their hearts out, sweating, and singing and some people were just little cellphone zombies. Totally insulting imo. Those people shouldn't even goto concerts, they should just buy the bluray recordings. Ok rant over.

Sorry no rave pictures this year, I fell asleep. :(