Anime Matsuri X - Day 1


Anime Matsuri X - Day 1

It's that time again. It's time for Anime Matsuri. This is my 3rd year attending AM and this has been the most fun I've had at the con yet. I met a lot of new people, saw a lot of new things, and even ran into a few Japanese Idols (everyone has to eat breakfast sometime).

I did notice that I took a lot fewer cosplay pictures this year. I will fix that when AM 11 rolls around. I also need to get anew camera as my GF-3 has  hard time in low light situations such as the Cosplay Contests and J-Fashion Show.

Note: If anyone wants the full resolution non-watermarked versions of these images just shoot me a message on FB or Twitter and I'll get the raw images to you for free.

This is Maddy, everyone say hi to Maddy. "Hi Maddy!".

This is Maddy's bf Elier.

Dawww....look at the cute little kittens.

This Cody guy here couldn't walk more than 5 steps before being asked to take a photograph with. 

Look at this line of people just waiting to get into the dealer room. Also look at all of that construction. I'm glad it will be one by the time next year rolls around.

Praise Jebus!

My wallet cried in agony.

These images were just bad-ass. I wish I had room for them all but I just don't.

Tania and her bf Enrique. Sorry the face got cut off.

There's the face.

Frostmourne Hungers!

A 7 meter long body pillow that requires 3 guys to carry. That's dedication.

Rub the Lamia for luck?

Jibril is the best girl and you all know it!

Aww look it's Disney's favorite princess...and Ray.

I love this shot, I really do.


DC vs Marvel Cosplay Contest. The contest was a lot larger compared to last year.

This Batman, his gloves and eyes glowed. It was just amazing.

Yes this is Baby Batman. Yes his wings popped out. Yes his eyes glowed. If you haven't died from cuteness overload by now you are not human.

I will freely admit, that Storm looks awesome, it is spot on. Don't judge me!

The craftsmanship work on these props is just amazing.

Look at what I found Cyrus!

Presenting the next James Bond film intro....

Yes that is a car in front. There was also a horse carriage as well but the location made taking a picture of either much more trouble than it was worth.

Cinderella lost her shoe...again...

End of the show folks.

I know what some of you are thinking. What about the Nerdlesque show!? Those pictures will be in a later post. I have to censor them a bit in order to protect myself. Sorry!