Anime Matsuri 2016 - Wishlist


Anime Matsuri 2016 - Wishlist

It is hard to believe that Anime Matsuri was just a short 4 week ago. With AM 2016 9 months away (give or take) I think we are all thinking, "What can we do in 2016 to make AM even better?". Because let us be honest here, there is always room for improvement.

The following are just a few of my thoughts on what I would like to see done in AM 2016 including a few of my wishlist guests that I would love to see.

More Entrances

The first order of business is something I think a lot of people would prefer. With Anime Matsuri taking over the entire GRB next year I see no reason for the convention to be limited to a single point of entry for all attendees. A single entry is a bottleneck for attendee flow and can also lead to issues of people standing in line in the rain (as it often does in February) or people with certain ailments being uncomfortable in the long lines to get into the GRB.

My suggestion is to take advantage of the fact that you have the entire convention center booed to allow for 5 points of entry for AM attendees and 2 points of entry for the Ricebowl Car Show.

The layout would be something like this.

So what this boils down to is that Halls C, D, and E will use their entrances for general admission along with entrances setup at the Hilton Skybridge. You would also have a entrance to the Ricebowl from the AM area via the hallway in the front just like what they did this year.

Of course a lot of this is dependent on if the construction in front of the GRB is finished enough to allow for those entrances to be open. If not you can still just have an entrance at Hall E and add in entrances along the Skybridge.

Another thing is have more volunteers work the lines by walking up and down them to make sure that everyone is ok. I saw several posts of people who were handicapped who didn't know they could skip to the front. If volunteers are working the lines they can inform people of other entrances or see if they can get them up front for any variety of reasons. They can also answer important questions such as where to get their autograph tickets.


I've seen this at other large events and I think AM has grown large enough to the point where it could benefit from it as well. I would like to see some kind of CCTV setup on the convention floor to help people find their way and/or inform attendees of any schedule changes or delays.

You could make short 15s video spots for major evens telling people briefly what it is and where they need to go. If the J-Fashion Show is delayed an hour they can broadcast it live so everyone in the convention can know so they can plan accordingly. You could even setup a little broadcast area on the 3rd floor and talk to convention goes as they pass by.

You could think of this as an extension of the "Good morning AM" event that happened this year. You could bring by guests throughout the day to promote their panels, talk with artists form the artist ally with samples of their work, even talk with some of the people who work on the cars in the Rice Bowl. I think it could be an excellent addition to AM and it will keep the attendees on all of the happenings of the con.

It could also be useful as a lost persons tool for minors.

Wishlist Guests

I know getting these people to AM is a long shot but you never know until you ask!

I would love for there to be either a Volcaloid or AKB Concert. I know those may be a bit too mainstream for some people but for many of us it would be our first time seeing either in person. I think it would be great to have either show up.

I would also love to have Danny Choo come down and have a panel at AM and bring some of his Smart Dolls with him. The guy is passionate about spreading Japanese culture and I really like how he built up his business to what it is today. I would love to meet the guy and even pick up a few shirt that he often brings to conventions that he attends.

Anything else?

Well I also have ideas about web streaming large events online via a paid web stream like Blizzcon but that can be for when AM gets even bigger. For now this short list will do with what I would lie to see in 2016.